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Coastal Property Insurance

What is considered "Coastal"?

Many insurance companies consider anything within 5 miles of water "coastal'. What that means to you is that is a property is considered coastal, most insurance companies won't write an insurance policy as it does not fit their risk guidelines.

We specialize in coastal property insurance including flood insurance (which is separate and distinct policy as homeowner insurance never covers flood damage).

Coastal property insurance is no difference than a typical homeowners insurance policy with the exception of it's location. Many coastal homeowners insurance premium that have been in force for a decant period of time and/or placed through an insurance agency that doesn't not specialize in coastal property insurance are often paying twice what they should be for the coverage required.

Contact us today if you are in need of a new policy or if you would like us to shop the market to compare your existing policy. 

Chance are that if we shop the marker for an existing policy we will find a much better policy at a much cheaper rate.

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